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Satellite Radio Providers and Receivers

By Fred Francisto - 19.04.2007


Satellite Radio Providers and Receivers

Music entertains everyone whether you are old or young one thing is sure that you like music though choices are different. If we go through last 30-40 years apart from MP3evolution the music industry is almost the same, until now when we have options of “satellite radio” services. If you ever dreamed of having radio in your car that never fades away then it is not a dream any more with the satellite radio.

What is Satellite Radio?

Satellite radio often called digital radio is the digital radio service that transmits the digital radio signals to supported receivers in your homes, cars or elsewhere you want. The range of these signals is much more greater than those old-fashioned radio signals.

Evolution of Satellite Radio

FCC (federal communication commission) dedicated 2.3GHz spectrum in S-band for digital audio radio services. It was the year 1997 when Sirius satellite radio and XM satellite radio got license from FCC to start digital radio satellite services nationwide on paying more than $80 million.

XM Satellite Radio

XM radio providers launched their first satellite in March and second in May of the year 2001. The two satellites are Boeng HS-702 are in geostationary orbit 22,223 miles above the earth surface but a third satellite HS-757 is always ready to be launched in case of any other failure. XM radio’s ground stations transmit the signals from the content providers to the satellites that are received by the XM Radio Receivers. Receivers are programmed in such a way that on receiving they decode the signal to provide information about audio like title, type, genre or artist. The signals are so strong to be received by small phone-sized antenna rather than a big dish. The content providers include BBC, CNN, USA Today, weather channels, sport channels plus a great deal of XM’s own channels transmitting more than 100 channels. XM Car radio partners include Sony, Motorola, Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion & Delphi Delco.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Sirius satellite radio uses three SS/L-1300 satellites in an inclined elliptic group of satellites. The group was launched in November 30, 2000 while the fourth satellite is always ready to be launched in case any three of satellites fail. The digital audio signals propagate through Sirius ground stations to satellites and received by the small antenna in Sirius Radio system, that decodes, removes interference and passes it to the receiver to get 100 plus digital audio channels.

WORLD SPACE Satellite Radio

World Space Satellite Radio service providers launched their first satellite “afristar” in October 1998 while second “asiastar” in March 2000. World-Space does not provide its services to USA but with its third satellite to be launched in near future it will cover Southern America and Mexico. World Space claims their covering area spans over 5 continents providing audio to 4.6 billion listeners and their signal reaches where the old analogue signals cannot. World Space service provider transmits about 150 crystal-clear and noise free audio channels from the content providers and also by themselves.

Satellite Radio VS. Other Radios

Unlike Digital television radio and conventional AM or FM radios you have to subscribe with satellite radio services on account of $12 or more per month but in the features like portability, listening availability, channel variety and sound quality Satellite Radios are far better than other radios.

from direct-tv4u.com

Fred Francisto


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