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Direct TV Multisatellite Dish Antenna

By Fred Francisto - 20.04.2007

To enjoy full HD TV programming by Direct TV you require a multisatellite dish antenna along with HDTV and Direct TV HDTV compatible receiver.

Direct TV Antenna

  • Direct TV Multisatellite Dish antenna is compatible with all the Direct TV Receivers.
  • Supports four digital Direct TV receivers operating individually.
  • Direct TV Multi satellite dish antenna consists of:
    • Multisatellite Dish Reflector.
    • Triple head Multistellite LNB with integrated Multiswtich providing four independent outputs.
    • LNB Antenna back assembly, a support for LNB.
    • EZALIGN Mast, a flexible support for reflector.
    The size of dish is 18x20 inch and type is referred to as Sat A, B, C or Sat 1,2,3 or “triple”, by the manufacturers.
  • It is the built in multiswitch that allows you to use up to four Direct TV Receivers with one antenna.
  • Direct TV uses three satellites at 101, 110 and 119 degrees to broad cast its programming. The satellite positioned at 110 degree provides HDTV as well as some local programming. For complete local channels (if available) an off-air antenna is required.
  • Sat-C LNB has ability to receive signals (HDTV programming) from satellite at 110 degree while Sat-A and Sat-B LNBs receives programming from other satellites.
    • Installation: the installation of TV antenna can be done by referring to the user’s manual provided to you by the antenna manufacturer but always a professional installation is recommended. A brief overview for installation is as follows:
    • Determine the co-ordinates where you’ll aim multisatellite dish by using and navigating the receiver’s antenna installation screen menu.
    • Direct TV satellites are there in Southern Sky so it requires a clear unobstructed view for aiming.
    • The distance of the cable from receiver to antenna must be 100 or less for best performance.
    • Install EZALIGN Mast and attach reflector to it aiming towards the predetermined view.
    • Attach LNB to antenna and tune the receiver to receive signals from three satellites.
    • Performing fine-tuning for one satellite automatically aligns the others so that you can get signals from all the satellites
  • Installation kit: an installation kit of TV antenna is also available to install your antenna, not included with your antenna package rather you have to buy it separately. The kit includes
    • The hardware for mounting the EZALIGN Mast base.
    • The hardware for grounding such as wire clips and ground wire.
    • A plumbing level.
    • Coaxial cables (RG 6 with F connectors).
Direct TV Multisatellite antenna is available with Direct TV packages as well as separately from both the authorized and unauthorized Direct TV retailers. For complete information see Direct TV buying guide. Fred Francisto


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comment Comments (1 posted)
  • image Where is there a chart to find out what my co-ordinates are ??? I have the regular ones , but what is the settings for HD programming ?
    (Posted by gerry eisert, March 21, 2010, 8:26 PM)
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